Account Manager - Lessing-Flynn

Craving a tasty career opportunity with a reputable Des Moines advertising agency? Do you like awesome perks like company-paid healthcare, a fitness center, an occasional chair massage and FREE SNACKS? This job posting may hit the spot! Lessing-Flynn seeks an Account Manager to join our team and oversee multiple clients while collaborating with some of the most creatively twisted minds in the biz. Sound professionally appetizing?

Expertise: In-depth client product and industry expertise Budgeting and billing Proposal writing and pitching Product/brand positioning and management Mentoring and developing people Analyzing data to drive decisions and results Responsibilities: Establish a strong, deep, trusting relationship with clients Maintain direct, day-to-day senior level client contact Initiate and facilitate strategy meetings with clients and internal teams Check and approve copy, design, production art and coordinate client approvals Educate self and team members on client goals and strategies Provide key marketing and industry insights to clients Provide regular client updates with results and successes of marketing initiatives Develop marketing strategies based on client goals and objectives Provide creative, production, media, public relations and interactive department personnel with well-documented input, support data and production materials as required Ensure advertising strategies are clearly defined, approved by clients, and understood by the creative and media groups Manage client budgets and authorize all estimates for client approval Review client billings monthly and oversee preparation and sending client invoices Ensure a high-quality project is completed on time, on message and on budget Actively seek additional projects/new business from client contacts Represent the agency at industry functions and promote the agency at every opportunity Become familiar with agency credentials and specialties Requirements: Degree in Marketing, Public Relations, Communications or related field 5+ years experience serving as day-to-day agency representative to clients providing a high level of responsive service Desire to continuously enhance knowledge and skills by researching industry news, attending association events and seminars Still hungry? Submit the following we can learn your story and see if you’re destined to become a part of ours:

Your Resume A video telling us why you would be a great fit for the position. The video should be approximately one minute in length and can be recorded very simply from your smartphone or the webcam on your computer. (Video files or a link to your video should be emailed to

Company Description:

DECADES OF ADVERTISING AGENCY EXPERIENCE Lessing-Flynn was founded in 1907, some eight decades before Al Gore got around to inventing the Internet. At the time, America was struggling through a period of economic turmoil that would be forever remembered as The Panic of 1907. In other words, the perfect time for a young man by the name of Lessing to open up a marketing and advertising agency in Des Moines, Iowa, population 70,000 or so.

Indeed, Paul Lessing was either a brilliant visionary who recognized an extraordinary opportunity … or he was completely crazy for thinking it wise to open the Lessing Advertising Company amidst all that panic and turmoil. None of us can say for certain, for none of us ever met Paul Lessing. But rumor has it he was a natural born storyteller with a blue-collar work ethic and a tight-fisted approach to business.

FOUR GENERATIONS OF MARKETING WIZARDS LATER Today, four generations and over 100 years later, the world of marketing and advertising is much different than it must have been amidst all the mayhem of 1907. But Lessing-Flynn, in the spirit of its brilliant and/or crazy founder, continues to use powerful storytelling and savvy marketing strategies to help brands and entrepreneurs in agriculture, construction, financial, insurance, health services, tech and other industries grow their business.

How does an ad agency hang around for more than 100 years? By embracing change. Lessing-Flynn was among the first ad agencies in Iowa to advertise on radio and television. Among the first to use computers and desktop publishing for graphic design. The first to use electronic mail (that’s what it was called back then). And one of the first to market products and services using social media channels like Twitter and Facebook—back when Facebook was still cool! For a century-old company, we still think of ourselves as quite the trendsetters.

WE DON’T SELL FANCY LIGHT BEERS OR $200 SHOES Sure, it would be cool to work with some of those hotshot brands with bottomless budgets that sell fancy light beers and $200 pairs of shoes. But we’re lucky enough to work with some of the most entrepreneurial companies in the world. Our client list is filled with influential brands that deliver products and services that change industries. Many of their stories started with one person tinkering in a garage or shed, hoping to change the world. People with the courage to take smart risks—even at seemingly inopportune times. People like old Paul Lessing.